iPhone Basics: Siri and the iPhone

Siri and the iPhone 5

Siri and the iPhone 5

New iPhones contain some very exciting features, but it is important to note that most users are probably going to be interested in the most practical functions. Today, we are going to look at two apps – Siri and Phone.

Siri and the iPhone

Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting features of the new iPhone 4S is Siri. Although it is still not perfect, it may help you with various things. Please note that this feature Internet access and that it may not be fully available in all parts of the world.
In order to use Siri, hold the Home button until you hear a tone. Alternatively, hold the centre button if you are using the standard iPhone earphones or another supported headset. After you hear the tone, you can enter your request.
Currently, Siri can help you with these applications and services: Phone, Music, Messages, Calendar, Reminders, Maps, Mail, Weather, Clock, Stocks, Safari, WolframAlpha, Find My Friends and Notes. For example, if you want to call a contact that you have named “Mark”, just say “Call Mark”. The rest will be done automatically by Siri. If you want to learn more about the specific functions, you can ask “What can you do?” or press the information button.
Siri can automatically recognize the app that you are currently using, so you can control most applications by by voice.
And don’t worry, Siri can flexibly adapt to your voice and should understand you if you word your query in a slightly different way.
Please note that it is important to customize your contact list accordingly. For example, entering names of relatives in your personal card in Contacts will allow Siri to understand words like “mom” or “home”, further enhancing the functionality.

The iPhone

It is really easy to make a call on iPhone. If you do not want to use Siri, you can scroll through your contact list manually and tap the contact you want to address. You can use the small buttons at the bottom of the Phone screen to access recent calls, your contact list or your favourites. Of course, you can also dial the desired number through the numeric keypad.

In order to receive a call, just press the Answer icon. Alternatively, drag the slider if your iPhone is currently locked. If you are using your iPhone earphones, you may also press the centre button to receive a call.

You can still control iPhone during a call, although the functionality is a bit limited. Apart from the six options that are shown on the main screen, you can also use another app during your call. Just press the Home button and select the app you want to access. You can then return to your call by tapping the green bar at the top of your screen.

Additionally, you can have access to multiple calls simultaneously, although this option is not available in all parts of the world.

It is incredibly easy to make conference calls through iPhone. After you make the initial call, tap the Add Call icon and make the second call. Then press Merge Calls. In order to add more calls, just repeat the entire process.

One of the most exciting features of new iPhones is FaceTime. When using FaceTime, you can actually see the other person. You can use this function to connect with someone who has a Mac or another iOS device that supports FaceTime. You also have to have a Wi-Fi Internet connection.

iPhone also comes with integrated function of visual voicemail, so you do not have to go through lengthy instructions every time you want to access your voicemail. Every time you tap Phone, you will get to see your most recent missed calls and unheard messages. In order to listen to your voicemail messages, simply press the Voicemail icon and select the message you want to hear. You can also replay older messages.

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